Refreshing Banana Malt or Shake

Cold, creamy, and sweet, a banana malt or shake is delicious as a snack, dessert or beverage. Perfect for summer–or all year round!

Banana Malt or Shake

I hadn’t eaten bananas in years.  But on a recent trip to Hawaii, I had the best banana bread EVER.  And this put bananas back on my radar.

For our next vacation, we did a western road trip and made a stop at Wall Drug in South Dakota. Here among souvenirs, rock shops and free ice water, they have an old-fashioned ice cream parlor. So we had a Chocolate Malt (my husband) and a Chocolate Ice Cream Soda (me).  Yum.

With all this inspiration, of course I had to put it all together into a delicious banana malt.  No malted milk powder?  You can also do as a banana shake.  Read more

Tasty Chimichurri Burger

This Chimichurri Burger is not your father’s hamburger.  Flavored with parsley, cilantro, lemon and more, it’s juicy, tasty, and fun!

Chimichurri Burger

Outdoor dining season is here!  And after a long cold winter, I’m ready to chow down on my full complement of grilled steaks and burgers! 

But one thing I know for certain.  Once I’m part way through the summer, a simple hamburger– which sounds so tasty now… is going to start feeling old.

And the answer?  Don’t give up the fun of burgers–add variety instead.  Tasty alternatives like a Stuffed Pizza Burger, Mushroom Swiss Burger or today’s Chimichurri Burger will rock your summer grill season!  Read more

Seafood Quiche

Savory seafood, tasty fresh asparagus and creamy Gruyere cheese, make this Seafood Quiche a tasty and versatile entrée;  A brunch classic, tasty lunch or light dinner.

Seafood Quiche

I love brunch season.  And only part of the reason is that it’s such a good excuse to eat all the (really good) quiche.

From classics like Quiche Lorraine to combine-all-your-favorite-things original quiches, you can’t beat a good quiche.  And one of my favorites is this lovely seafood quiche.  Read more

Virgin Strawberry Margarita

This tasty Virgin Strawberry Margarita is alcohol free and won’t get you tipsy.  But it’s still full of bright strawberry and citrus flavors!

Virgin Strawberry Margarita

Mocktails are all the rage.  And they’re becoming tastier and more varied all the time. 

Yup, instead of simply pouring a couple juices over ice, there is more attention to deeper flavors.   And the result is a more satisfying experience.  Yum!

Yes, I still remember the first time I had a Virgin Margarita—the standard lime version in that case.  I was pregnant with my first child, and we stopped at our regular Mexican restaurant.  When the drink came, and I tasted it, my face fell.  Yes, the waitress consoled, that isn’t the best without the alcohol.  Next time go with Strawberry.

Hmm, good idea!  Read more