Creamy Leftover Chicken Soup with Noodles and Sage

Slightly creamy and reminiscent of sage stuffing, Creamy Leftover Chicken Soup with Noodles and Sage is a tasty and easy recipe!

Leftover Chicken Soup

I have a confession to make.  I (usually) don’t like chicken soup.  Perhaps I had one too many “cold remedies” as a child.  But the sage flavor and creaminess of this leftover chicken soup makes it a happy exception!  Read more

Sunshine Orange Scones

Orange scones have a sweet brightness and can add a little sunshine to any day. Perfect for breakfast, brunch, tea, snacking–or as a side to soup or salad!

Orange Scones

Scones are fun and tasty.  And they’re easy to make in lots of great flavors!  Dress them up with pumpkin for fall, lavender for spring or gingerbread for Christmas. 

Yes, pick your favorite flavors—or add in ingredients you’re trying to use up.  All good!

I originally created these Orange Scones to use some candied orange peel I had made. But who keeps candied orange peel around!  Time to make some changes!  Now these updated Sunshine Orange Scones have lots of bright orange flavor and are pantry-friendlyRead more

Coconut Dream Bars

Rich, chewy, and almost pecan-pie-like, Coconut Dream Bars are a classic cookie that’s perfect for the holidays, for snacking or for any special occasion.

Coconut Dream Bars

I’ve decided that the name of these cookies, Dream Bars, is a perfect match for the classic treat.  That’s because the bars are so tasty they’re almost a dream.

The rich, nutty flavor and melty chew even remind me of pecan pie–with an added hint of sweet coconut. 

My mother made the cookies every Christmas, and I grew up adoring them.  Now, since I just discovered they’re even easy, I had to ask, why did I wait so long?

Yes, I know.  So many recipes, so little time.  Read more

Maple Pecan Cherry Scones

With cherries, pecans, maple syrup and half whole grains, Maple Pecan Cherry Scones are flaky, tasty, and wholesome.

Maple Pecan Cherry Scones

If you’re craving a pale, delicate British Tea Scone, I’d like to say this the place.  But nope, not today’s scone.

Today’s Maple Pecan Cherry scone still has all of that beautiful scone-like flakiness.  But it combines that with rich natural flavors like maple and cherry–and some nuttiness from pecans and half whole grains. 

Yes, I’m thinking this is something John Denver might have had for breakfast, around a Rocky Mountain campfire.  Coffee in a canning jar. 

Who’s in?  Read more