Cajun Shrimp and Grits with Chorizo

With creamy grits and flavorful spiced chorizo and peppers, Cajun Shrimp and Grits with Chorizo is a fun and tasty entrée.

Cajun Shrimp and Grits

Creamy and spicy aren’t two flavors I tend to associate.  But paired together in Cajun Shrimp and Grits with Chorizo, they are rich, exciting, and flavorful. 

The dish has its origins in coastal South Carolina but has also come to be associated with New Orleans, especially spicier versions like this one, with the addition of a spicy sausage like chorizo or andouille. 

This recipe is slightly simplified so it’s easy to make at home.  But don’t worry–it’s still got plenty of flavor.  And feel free to serve with a hot sauce if you’d like even more. Read more

Yes, You Can Make Chiles Rellenos at Home

Chiles Rellenos are poblano peppers stuffed with mild cheese, fried in egg batter & topped with salsa.  For over the top taste & nutrition! 

Chiles Rellenos

There’s nothing like Mexican food when you want a good hit of flavor!  I love Chiles Rellenos for the great taste–and even more for the solid nutrition this dish provides. 

Yes, give me two servings of vegetables and a nice hit of calcium for breakfast (or even lunch or dinner) and I feel I’m starting the day right.

Now, if you’ve never tried this, I realize the dish may sound a bit intimidating–but really it isn’t.  First, it’s just barely hot since poblano peppers are mild (Scoville scale of approximately 1250) as “hot” peppers go (jalapenos are up to 8000 units).   

And the dish is also very easy, especially if you use prepared salsa.  In fact, I’ll make up a single chile relleno for myself for breakfast on the fly, it’s so easy—really no harder than an omelet.

Just more fun!  Read more

Sous Vide Yogurt

Thick, creamy and nutritious, it’s easy to make sous vide yogurt at home.  Great for breakfast, desserts and even as a sour cream substitute. 

sous vide yogurt

I recently started making yogurt again! And just like I remembered, it’s lots of fun–plus I love the ability to control my ingredients!

Yes, over the decades, err, years, I’ve made a lot of yogurt. I even made it in my college dorm room in a big thermos bowl on top of my radiator! 

Tart, creamy and healthy, yogurt is great for breakfast or snacking and can be used in so many different ways, from smoothies to Key Lime Yogurt Pie!

Today I make sous vide yogurt because it’s super easy and gives you lots of control.  Plus I love a gadget that can be used for a variety of things.  But the tips I am sharing will enhance your yogurt making even if you use a devoted yogurt maker or an instant pot. Read more

Hibiscus Lemonade

Lemony with floral overtones, Hibiscus Lemonade is a tasty and refreshing summer beverage.  Serve alone or with a meal like a special brunch!

Hibiscus Lemonade

Lately, I’ve been seeing beautiful pictures of hibiscus beverages –and they always look amazing.  So to get on the bandwagon, I bought a big bag of dried hibiscus.  Then I made some tea—and I didn’t like it.  Oops.

But Hibiscus Lemonade saved the day.  Beautifully rosy, and flavored like lemonade with slight floral overtones, I liked it so much I made a pitcher. 

And pretty soon my just-give-me-a diet-coke husband was helping himself.  Now that’s a win!

Just in time for summer! Read more