Christmas Cowboy Cookies in a Jar

Dec 23, 2012

Christmas Cowboy Cookies in a Jar

Even a cookie can get its 15 minutes of fame. Cowboy Cookies entered the spotlight in 2000, when Laura Bush’s version beat Tipper Gore’s ginger snaps in the legendary candidates’ wives cookie bake-off.  This particular “Cookie in a Jar” twist was inspired by the blog Bakerella, but, as usual,  I have tweaked it just a bit.  Three grueling tests right … Continue reading

Christmas doorknob bear

Dec 23, 2010

No Doorknob Left Unadorned (and Other Christmas Images)

If I had tried to predict what I would include in a Christmas blog post, it would have been food.   Baked goods with peppermint, soups with rosemary and anything roasted.  Perhaps it is the mini-diet I just finished or my malfunctioning oven (stay tuned for my story of cooking for 18 on Christmas Eve without a real oven), but there is not a food shot … Continue reading