Summer Skin Care and a Giveaway

What’s more fun than celebrating summer.  Jump start your summer skin care routine with a natural summer skin care package from Dessert Essence!  

Summer is glorious!  Sunny days, warm nights, long walks in the beautiful countryside…  It’s even a time when my skin is (usually) deliriously happy.  Misty mornings, no drying artificial heat, and a fresh, healthy diet.  What’s not to love!  

Um, well…  Drying beaches, chlorinated pools, a touch of sunburn.  Whoops!  

You see, this year I signed up for a local master swim program when my daughter came back with the news that it was also open to less advanced swimmers.  They already had one not-good-enough swimmer attending, so I wouldn’t stand out.  Sign me up! 


It’s daunting at 5 AM…

And mostly I love it.  Yes, I seriously hate jumping into an outdoor pool at 5 AM when the temps are 50-something, but there is one bigger issue.

I finally realized that the strange, dry, winter-like skin I am experiencing this summer is probably due to mornings in chlorine-land. 

So it’s time for a new summer skin care routine–here’s what I am doing! 

Summer Skin Care Solutions

Moisturize.  Apply a quality oil like jojoba to clean damp skin to hold in moisture, and use a natural moisturizer any time I need an extra “dose”

Avoid fragrances and harsh chemicals.  Select natural products (see last bullet below), use gloves for washing dishes or other chemical exposures, and wash off after contact with chlorine or other irritating chemicals.

Use an exfoliant with a moisturizer.  Give new skin cells some help.  Consider a weekly or twice-weekly natural exfoliant (sugar or salt based, avoid those plastic microbeads) with moisturizing oils built-in.  

Apply Sunscreen.  Come on, we all know we need to do it… 

Try sunless tanner If you can’t pass up the golden sun glow, consider a sunless tanner instead.  When my ashen legs get me down, I try products like the natural tanner from Brittanie’s Thyme (who sent me a sample, thanks)!

Don’t Forget your hair.  If your skin is dry, check out your hair as well.  A natural shampoo can help, and this summer I added a conditioner to my usual routine. And for a great chlorine protection routine, try wetting your hair, then applying conditioner before a swim!

Finally, Select Natural products.  Check out the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) Skin Deep Database for more information and product ratings.  

And be sure to check out Desert Essence for a beautiful collection of natural products, like the summer skin care collection below.  I love that the company (see previous review) has quality products and also a strong sense of social responsibility. In fact, they are a supporter of Plan International USA’s Because I Am a Girl Initiative, which improves the lives of girls through educational opportunities and resources.  They were a favorite of mine when I ran an online natural bodycare store and still are today! 

And thanks to Desert Essence for sponsoring this giveaway, for a jute bag and mandala with the following products:

An approximately $65 retail value, it is open to US mailing addresses and expires at midnight CDT on July 29.  To enter, leave a comment below telling me how you are celebrating summer. For a second entry, sign up for Art of Natural Living emails (below my picture, it’s a double opt-in so you’ll need to accept by email) and leave me a second comment, letting me know you subscribed (or that you already subscribe). The winner will be picked randomly, contacted by email and have 24 hours to get back to me or a new winner will be chosen. 

Get your summer skin care routine going!

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207 thoughts on “Summer Skin Care and a Giveaway

  1. Kristina G

    I am celebrating summer by eating ice cream and going to the beach. It’s a rainy year, so more of the former, but I still love this time of year.

  2. Leigh Nichols

    I am enjoying the air conditioner and trying to read as many books as I can get my hands on

  3. Amber L Bourland

    I got a new puppy, so I am spending a lot more time outside, working on his training. Other than that, we haven’t done anything special yet- waiting for cooler Autumn days to go camping, since I have some health issues that prevent me from being in the sub very long.

  4. Trisha McKee

    I am celebrating my summer by working at home. That means out on my deck in the sunshine. and fishing on my days off. Being out on the lake is so soothing!

  5. kelly woods

    We are hoping to go to the beach in two weeks. However, other than that as much family time as possible with my children and granddaughter. Love making precious memories. Thank you for the chance. Would love to win!!

  6. Janet Boyanton

    I like to swim in the summer. At 110 outside there is not much else cool enough to enjoy.

  7. donna porter

    Hubby and I are enjoying the summer by spending time outside getting some much needed yard work done. Also we planted and are enjoying our veggie garden. We so love fresh veggies especially when it comes from our own garden.
    We are planning a vacation in a few months to Myrtle Beach, SC. This will be our much needed relaxing time!

  8. Dana Matthews

    I have celebrated summer by having nieces and nephews visit. Sometimes summer is the only time I get to see out-of-state family.-

  9. Pam Halligan

    I am celebrating summer by waking up early for morning runs, swimming on the weekends, and taking weekend trips to the beach.

  10. Rachel Browning

    I’m celebrating summer with my kids my son will be leaving for college next month, so want have as much fun as possible.

  11. Sherri J

    My kids are in college so we took a quick little mini vacation in between their classes.

  12. Buddy Garrett

    I’m not sure whether I am an email subscriber or not. When I tried subscribing I received a message saying there was an error.

  13. Kelsey vinson

    I’ve been celebrating summer by spending it with my family and soaking up the sun

  14. Buddy Garrett

    My wife and daughter are going to South Korea. I am staying home trying to stay cool.

  15. Julie L.

    I enjoy the long days and being able to play with my doggies after work! I subscribed also.

  16. Jill H

    Nothing to exciting for my summer, but I enjoy fresh veggies from the garden and the warm summer breezes.

  17. Jennifer S.

    I’m celebrating summer by staying inside. I have some health issues that makes the heat unbearable so I’ve been hibernating this summer!

  18. Audrey Stewart

    My summer is spent just working and taking care of the elderly rescue cats I shelter. That’s a year round job.

  19. Andrea P.

    This summer I am celebrating with lots of family get together’s, barbecues, days at the beach and pool. I don’t want summer to end.

  20. Diane M Gooding

    My husband and I are doing everything this summer that we could not do last summer, like day trips, carnivals and fairs, shopping excursions, trying new restaurants, spending time with family. Last spring I was diagnosed with a rare cancer, so we spent the summer of 2017 getting me to chemo. I was too ill to do anything else. But I’m doing great now and we are very rarely home! Lol

  21. Paol Trenny

    I am celebrating summer by spending time in our backyard – lots of bbq and pool parties.

  22. Docia Vagnerini

    We are enjoying summer by leaving the Arizona extreme heat to go back to Oregon to be with family and friends for complete fun, enjoyment and cooler weather 🙂

  23. Danielle

    Every weekend we find an outdoor activity to go and enjoy. Whether it’s a hiking trip, swimming/kayaking/paddle boarding, go bicycling etc.

  24. Anne Perry

    I am celebrating summer by enjoying the pool, the moon and the heat.
    Homegrown tomatoes and peppers too.

  25. Jerry Marquardt

    I am celebrating summer by going to Downtown Chicago. I love to take photos of the scenery.

  26. Kathleen Hand

    We are celebrating summer with 3 small family vacations and as many day trips as we can fit in before my oldest heads to college.

  27. Suzanne

    My son and I have been having a wonderful summer vacation while he’s off school. We’ve visited grandparents, gone to Legoland, tagged along on a work trip with my husband. It’s been great.

  28. DeeAnn S

    I love summer! I’m trying to get as many trips to the shore as possible this year. And planting, picking and eating as many fresh veggies from my garden is always an added bonus in the summer time. 😉

  29. Kimberly Hilbert

    I am celebrating summer by cleaning out my house and going into the pool afterwards.

  30. Tracy Robertson

    I had a few days in Vegas in June (so much fun!) and I’ve been swimming in my apartment building’s pool when weather allows. Here in the San Francisco area, many of our days (even in July) are too cold for swimming, but I do it when I can!

  31. Brandy Jones

    I’m celebrating summer by getting outside. I live in the country and have just recently bought a camera so that I can finally take pretty nature shots. I also enjoy reading outdoors in my swing.

  32. Jennifer Peterson

    I love road trips around the country! Visiting new places and sites and making memories with family and friends.

  33. Jen R

    I am celebrating summer by enjoying the more relaxed pace of life and spending lots of time in nature.

  34. Michelle H.

    We had a camping trip and some family gatherings. We are looking forward to more family outings.

  35. Darcy Koch

    Our summer has been busy, busy, busy. We visited family in Canada and Maryland. We went to all our local or nearby fairs, went camping twice. We have one final trip yet to Hersehey Park.

  36. Elizabeth

    I’m celebrating summer by trying to grow a veggie garden for the first time. Learning a lot! And getting some veggies out of it here and there too.

  37. Kathy Scott

    My husband and I are becoming empty nesters so we have spent the summer painting and packing. We are downsizing by 1000 sq ft and I can’t wait!

  38. Claire McKeon

    We are celebrating summer by visiting farm stands and farmers market, grilling our finds and eat great meals while sipping great wine by our pool!

  39. Jessica W.

    This year, I got the new bike I wanted and we do bike rides at night through the neighborhood or ride them to the pool.

  40. jenny stratton

    My husband and I went to a flea market in June. We took the whole family to Holiday World. We spent July getting my daughter ready to move to California for graduate school.

  41. Rebecca Weiss

    We are enjoying the warm weather, although I feel that fall is right around the corner.

  42. Susan Smith

    I’m celebrating Summer by spending it with my daughter who is going away to college. We are spending time at the pool and the zoo.

  43. Donna Jacoby

    I’m celebrating summer by reading and relaxing as much as possible–preferably by the pool. Thank you for the giveaway!

  44. Karley Moore

    I plan on taking a couple of trips to the beach with my son this Summer. Thanks for the fabulous giveaway!

  45. cara s

    I’m celebrating summer by spending as much time with my daughter as I can. She’s growing up so fast, and summer is going by so fast.

  46. Christopher S

    I’m celebrating summer by chasing my dreams, being a taxi for my kids, and staying out of the when the day is hottest!

  47. wen budro

    I am celebrating Summer by working in my garden. It’s so nice to finally see the sun.

  48. Annamarie V

    We have been having really nice weather so I am celebrating summer by taking my 9 month old puppy to the beach, he is loving it.

  49. Dana Rodriguez

    I have been enjoying working outside in the yard but I am looking forward to next month as we are making a road trip from SC to Long Island NY to see our baby grandson.

  50. Angie W

    I’m celebrating by switching jobs! Not much of a chance to go on vacation because of it, but the switch is worth it.

  51. renee

    We have celebrated summer by going to Dollywood several times for the summer themed celebration they have going on there.

  52. Nicole Lancaster

    I am celebrating summer by swimming in my pool any chance I get and having friends over for nice cook outs and drinks.

  53. Virginia B.

    We are spending summer catching up on movies and playing games. It is too hot to be outside.

  54. Britt W

    I’ve been spending summer days with my dog, enjoying the warm weather, and baking my favorite recipes.

  55. desiree

    we have hot weather here in mo and take care of the yard and make sure the kid have summer with swimming and then go fish and then read and more readding

  56. Linda Kwolek

    I have designated this summer “MY Summer”. Last summer I broke my toe then a month later, I sprained my ankle.

  57. Tamara Regan

    My family loves to celebrate the summer months with camping and family fun outdoors.

  58. Jaque Richards

    I am enjoying my summer by staying inside with the AC cranked up….it is 117 today! Ugh! Thank you for a great giveaway. 🙂

  59. Rita Sheppard

    I enjoyed a week of the summer visiting with my son and grandchildren who I haven’t seen together in over 5 years. What a joy!

  60. Ann Fantom

    I’m celebrating summer by spending as much time as possible outside enjoying the weather.

  61. Theresa Chang

    I celebrate summer by having an occasional BBQ in the backyard and catching up with acquaintances.

  62. Kelli A

    We are celebrating with a new garden. It’s a lot of fun and the together time is wonderful. Sunscreen is a must!

  63. Lissa Crane

    I’m celebrating summer by spending as much time as I can relaxing by my sisters pool!

  64. Noreen

    We just got back from a trip to Santa Barbara to celebrate my daughter turning 13, plus lots of hikes locally

  65. Darlene Owen

    How we are enjoying this summer is we went to Myrtle Beach for a month and we just got back from going to Bar Harbor, Maine for a week.

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