5 Easy Ways to Dress Up a Chicken Burger

Don’t you love the summer grilling season?  Even if I am making burgers on the stove, I appreciate the casual atmosphere!  Yesterday, to make things even more fun, I experimented with some different ways to liven up a grilled chicken sandwich.

Eating Southwest Chicken Burgers

Eating Southwest Chicken Burgers

This post was inspired by Gold ‘n Plump who just sent me samples of their new chicken patties.  In celebration of summer, they have added two flavored chicken burgers (Mushroom & Swiss and Bacon &Cheddar) to their original plain seasoned.  Gold n Plump partners with nearly 350 family farmers in Minnesota and Wisconsin to source their chicken, so even though I buy a lot of food right off the farm, when I don’t, I buy from companies like this. 

Now I did mention that I am “dressing up” my burgers, but first I need to tell you– these patties are delicious on their own.  The bacon cheddar are worth cooking for the smell alone!  But hey, I’m a food blogger–born to tweak.  Of course when my oldest gets home from community band late in the evening and starts rummaging, that burger is going in the pan in its simplest form (where it cooks in 9-11 minutes from frozen–important at 10 PM)!  


The whole family enjoyed the burgers and I got a lot of points for making “normal” food.  But my biggest surprise was learning that I prefer working with the patties than a chicken breast–easier (no thawing, trimming),  faster and dare I say tastier?  At 1/3 lb apiece the patties are large enough to fill a serious bun, but don’t break the bank on calories (230 – 280 depending on flavor).

Right now everyone’s schedule is completely insane at our house.  Between summer jobs (even before school has ended), bike commutes, summer classes & clubs, it is critical to have dinner ideas that come together in a snap.  Or five “snaps” depending on who gets home when!

Chicken Burger Closeup

Up close!

Five Fun and Easy Chicken Burgers!

Southwest Chicken Sandwich

Top with prepared salsa and avocado slices

Southwest Chicken Burger

Southwest Chicken Burger

Chicken Parmesan Sandwich

Top with mozzarella cheese and prepared spaghetti, pizza or marinara sauce.

Chicken Parmesan Burger

Chicken Parmesan Burger

 (Double) Swiss Mushroom Burger

Top with melted Swiss and sauteed mushrooms (prepare them while the burger is cooking).  Especially good on the Mushroom and Swiss Patty.

Mushroom Swiss Chicken Burger

Mushroom Swiss Chicken Burger

Greek Burger

Top with roasted red pepper, feta,  onion, arugula.

Greek Chicken Burger

Greek Chicken Burger

 Chicken Florentine Burger

Top with grated Parmesan and spinach that has been wilted in 1 T sherry or white wine.

Florentine Chicken Burger

Florentine Chicken Burger

Gotta love summer!

For even more ideas, see the recipe section on their website.

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9 thoughts on “5 Easy Ways to Dress Up a Chicken Burger

  1. Ivy Sew

    Hi Inger, My goodness! I can literally have all these burgers for few days without complaining. All the stuffing look so great and delish! Thumbs up to you, Inger and cheers 🙂

  2. lena

    normal food? …these are all very delicious normal food, making people hungry kind of food! dont hv to worry too to cook in the middle of the night if someone’s tummy is growling as this cooks fast from frozen… hehe..love all the fantastic combination and dressing you got here!

  3. Phi @ The Sweetphi Blog

    I loooove a good chicken burger, and these sound super yummy! I’ll definitely be on the look out for the next time I’m at the grocery store. Also, love how you ‘dressed’ them up, what a great selection of toppings and ideas!

  4. Chaya

    I have been reading through many of your posts but this one stopped me in my tracks. I love your choices for toppings for the burger. You prove that simple burger can be made so special. Thanks for sharing this.

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