Citrus or Mushroom Flavored Sea Salt


There are sooo many things that have been on my “to do” list for ages. Which is why I like Marisa McClellan’s Food in Jars Challenge.  Some people (me!) just gotta have a deadline!  

Flavored Sea Salt is all the rage and so easy to make at home. See three varieties with lime, orange and shitake mushroom.

Three Flavored Sea Salts

So today (two days before the end of this month’s salt preserving challenge) I made three varieties of Flavored Sea Salt–lime, orange and mushroom.  

Years ago, my then administrative assistant gave me a jar of citrus sea salt as a gift.  The beautiful orange and white colors looked so lovely on toffee and salted caramels, that I’ve rationed it for holiday gift giving.  With under a teaspoon left, making my own was long overdue.  

Processing a dried shitake into powder

The mushroom idea came from Cheri of My Savory Spoon.  I happened to have dried shitakes (I use them in my Cod Poached in Herb Butter) so I pulverized one of them in my blender (she used a coffee grinder).  Easy peasy!

My husband, daughter and I used the Shitake Flavored Sea Salt the same day to top baked potatoes–and my husband is eyeing up the frozen steaks!  

Flavored Sea Salt is all the rage and so easy to make at home. See three varieties with lime, orange and shitake mushroom.

Flavored Sea Salts

How to Make Flavored Sea Salt

From reading a number of different takes on this, the basic principle for making Flavored Sea Salt seems to be this:  Mix equal parts sea salt and finely minced flavoring ingredient, then lay out the flavored salt until dry (dried mushroom plus salt is already dry).  Since I have a dehydrator, I popped my citrus salts in there and they were done in under an hour.  

Mix citrus zest and salt for Flavored Sea Salt

If you want to try a citrus salt I recommend using a microplane to zest your fruit.  It delivers a finely grated zest without the bitter white pith that a bigger grater would give you.  Finally try to get organic if possible, since you will be eating the peel. 

It really was easy and fun.  How often have I said, “should have done this years ago”?

A Giveaway

And while we are talking flavors and citrus, I have a giveaway to share.  I bought some lip balm from a former sponsor (Beessentials) for my daughter and the deal was so good, I picked up some for a lucky reader too.  So if this Flavored Sea Salt post has you thinking of orange & ginger… or lime & coconut, keep reading.  

Lip Balms

This giveaway is for a 5-pack of assorted lip balms from Beessentials.  It is sponsored by Art of Natural Living and open to mailing addresses in the US.  To enter, leave a comment below letting me know if you have any tricks for accomplishing old goals.  For a second entry, follow Art of Natural Living on Pinterest and leave a second comment letting me know that you are doing this.  The giveaway will close at midnight CDT time on March 12.  The winner will be picked randomly and have 24 hours to get back to me with mailing information or another winner will be chosen.  Good luck!

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Citrus or Mushroom Flavored Sea Salt
  • 2 Tablespoons citrus zest (any variety, or a mixture) or dried mushroom powder
  • 2 Tablespoons sea salt
  1. Mix together ingredients until well blended. Dry in dehydrator or in air until dry (which will be immediately if you select mushroom powder)


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  1. My tips for accomplishing old goals are to tell others what your goal is so that you have accountability. I also write down why I want to accomplish the goal & keep it somewhere that I see it!

  2. These look beautiful. By the way always I have sea salt! I have to try these !!

  3. Hi Inger, thanks for the shout out, love this preserve mastery challenge, learning so many great new things. My tricks for accomplishing new goals is to write it down and make a plan. I start with baby steps first. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

  4. Hi Inger, already following you on pinterest. 😉

  5. I keep a list of all of my long term goals and I check the list periodically so that if I lose sight or forgot about something that I had wanted to work on, I get reminded of it and try to get back on it. 🙂

  6. Tricks to accomplishing old goals…I post them on Facebook and annoy my friends and family with my progress 🙂 If I fail, I feel like I’m not just failing myself, but everyone else too!

  7. When I need help with accomplishing a goal I ask my husband to help.

  8. I always tell my husband. Then when I’m slacking, he’ll point it out to me.

  9. I follow on Pinterest.

  10. I am terrible at achieving old goals, but I think the best way to deal with them is to find a friend who will help you with accountability.

  11. Following you on Pinterest!

  12. I love the flavored salts, Inger – pretty and tasty!

  13. I keep a list so I can always see my to do’s no matter how old they are!

  14. pinterest follower Julie ep

  15. I accomplish old goals by writing it down on my big, erasable calendar that’s hanging up for me to see everyday. I leave it there until I accomplish my goal. Looking at your goal every single day can definitely motivate you to do it.

  16. Followed on Pinterest – ebenz1006

  17. The biggest help to me is telling people I’m going to do it, then I feel like I have to do it 😉

  18. I set up calendar alerts to remind me to check on my goals. Some are weekly and others are monthly.

  19. I accomplish old goals by writing them down on post it notes and taping them to my work computer – that way i have to look at them every day.

  20. to accomplish old goals i remind myself of why i wanted to do them in the first place! that kicks my butt into gear to finish them!

  21. I write my goals down. On paper. Day by day, I seem to be doing good that way! 🙂

  22. I like to break goals down into smaller parts that make them feel not as daunting!

  23. My only trick for goal accomplishing is to write them down! Figure out what you are going to do to achieve them, and look at your written goals weekly. Write down your progress every month or so.

  24. I try to always write them down, thank you so much! I love your blog and you are a great writer.

  25. I followed you on pinterest: tbscha

  26. I find it’s best if I just take a tiny first step towards my goal and this usually motivates me to complete my old goal.

  27. My trick to accomplish old goals is to make a list of the things I want to do. Each time I check an item off it encourages to complete another goal.

  28. It’s good to have support from family and friends

  29. I think it’s a good idea to have the goals written out and in front of you, say.. on your fridge, to see every day and often. Reminding you to get to them.

  30. following on pinterest as kayladiana10

  31. I keep a list and make goals that are realistic. These sound great!

  32. I accomplish old goals by writing them down again and putting in writing a course of actions.

  33. I’m a perpetual procrastinator, I have no tips to accomplish old goals :'(

  34. I also followed Art of Natural Living on Pinterest.

  35. To accomplish goals I have to stick to them until they are accomplished.

  36. I follow Art of Natural Living on Pinterest

  37. I don’t have any tips… I need some.

  38. followed you on Pinterest

  39. I accomplish old goals by journaling my to do lists, please enter me in your contest,

  40. I just have to set my mind to get them done, if I don’t it’s not gonna happen.

  41. I follow you on pinterest. hollie222

  42. To accomplish old goals I have to write it down and read it daily or it will slip my mind. That’s how I am able to achieve all of my goals!

  43. I follow you on Pinterest.

  44. I like to track my progress on goals. It helps keep me motivated and on track.

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  46. My trick to accomplish old goals is to write them down and keep revisiting them. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you. Happy March!

  47. Follow on Pinterest. Kristie Donelson. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you. Happy March!

  48. I always make a list when in need to accomplish a goal

  49. To accomplish my old goals I have to write it down and also set it as a reminder on my daily calender!

  50. My only trick for accomplishing old or new goals is to write it down along with the step I need to take

  51. I’m following on pinterest

  52. My trick is to find a partner to complete the goal with you, if possible. It helps to have accountability and also to have someone encouraging you.

  53. Following you on Pinterest as @alison_tolar

  54. The easiest goals to accomplish is if a friend has a similar one that I can do with her and then she can do mine with me. It goes faster if you aren’t thinking about having to get it done and instead are thinking about how fun it is to be doing it.

  55. I follow you on pinterest

  56. In order to accomplish goals I make sure I share them with my husband so that he can keep me motivated

  57. Writing down my goals and following through.

  58. To accomplish old goals, I ask family and friends for their encouragement.

  59. I follow on Pinterest as pam2424.

  60. I make-up my mind that I’m going to get it done. Then, I make a written plan that breaks the goal down into several mini-goals with a time-line for completion. It’s easier for me to accomplish things when I have a written plan — make it flexible so you don’t set yourself up for failure.

  61. I followed on Pinterest – contestcrazy

  62. I don’t have any special trick. I just look at my goals every so often to make sure I still believe in what I’m doing.

  63. I’m following you on pinterest: crystalkastl

  64. Motivation is key, without it, I would never get through my goals and achieve anything!

  65. I am following you on Pinterest!

  66. Accomplishing old goals isn’t my forte but I think breaking the goal down into manageable steps helps me.

  67. I follow on pinterest as wlburro

  68. Just make sure to keep a list of goals, and check in on it

  69. I followed you on Pinterest

  70. My trick for accomplishing old goals is to find someone reliable to help you out with them!

  71. My tricks for accomplishing old goals would be to write them down. Make lists and tackle them!

  72. I just followed you on pinterest! Thank you for the chance! 🙂

  73. I have issues sticking to goals by myself- I find that sharing my goals with someone else helps keep me accountable and forces me to get it done.

  74. My trick for accomplishing old goals is to give up and start new goals.

  75. I follow on Pinterest: A__Martin

  76. I like hearing how others accomplished the same goal and try working on mine in a more efficient way.

  77. Pinterest follower- Jaclynfett

  78. I do much better when I set deadlines for myself.

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  80. I seem to do better when I have a list…sometimes, that is, lol!

  81. My tip for getting stuff done is to bribe yourself! Even if it’s with a break. I.e., “if I do this thing then I can take a 30 minute break and do whatever I want!”

  82. My tip to accomplishing old goals is to remind myself not to procrastinate (so easy to do with three children). I set a goal and then make a concentrated effort to follow through with it.

  83. I am a happy Pinterest follower of your blog and enjoy it! These dry lips would love to try the orange & ginger lip balm. I will bet it smells wonderful.

  84. I have to write everything down that i need or need to accomplish or i will so forget what to do or what it was that i needed….

  85. To help myself accomplish old goals, I write them down again and get started.

  86. I also write down my goals. If I don’t right them down I seem to forget them. As far as old goals I don’t really have any great tips but to keep trying to a complies them even if you have to start over once or twice.

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  88. I like to keep a journal of goals. Helps me go back and rediscover things I aspired to.

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  90. I just make an achievable list and try to knock something off it everyday.

  91. My goal is to lose weight, this is a big battle for me, but my idea is to stay consistent instead of starving then eating crazy. You should just every day eat healthy and keep the amount down.

  92. follow Art of Natural Living on Pinterest

  93. I like to keep a list and refer to it every once in awhile to see where I am at.

  94. i follow on pinterest. @cmarquez482

  95. One trick for accomplishing old goals is to make sure it is written down in several obvious places such as a wall calendar, sticky notes on the fridge, etc. Having a constant reminder helps me get it done.

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  97. I like setting goals with friends to keep me accountable.

  98. follow you on pinterest @edyenicole

  99. I have two tricks for finishing old goals:
    1 – make sure it was actually your goal that you set, not something you felt someone else expected you to set. If it’s not yours, let it go.
    2 – if it’s not getting done yet, something’s up. Maybe chunk it up into easier baby steps or ask someone to be your accountability partner.

  100. and I follow you on pinterest 🙂

  101. keep a journal of your goals!

  102. Get a friend to help you stick with it until you’ve accomplished what you want to.

  103. I follow on Pinterest. Triple J Farms

  104. I accomplish old goals by re-writing them on order of how long it will take me to finish each goal. If a goal won’t take longer than 20 minutes to accomplish (like scheduling a dentist appointment), I don’t write it down. I just do it.

  105. I try to accomplish old goals by making lists of things that I still need to accomplish and then coming back to the list every so often and try to reward myself if I’ve completed them.

  106. I follow on Pinterest (:

  107. Promise myself a reward once complete!

  108. I am afraid I do not have any important pearls of wisdom to impart on others at this time, thank you for the chance though.

  109. My trick … hmmmm … when I make a goal, it kind of bugs me until I get it done. So, when it comes to mind, I just buckle down and do it. Relief! Thank you for the giveaway. These look like great lip balms!

  110. My trick for accomplishing old gold is to tell my husband so he can keep me accountable.

  111. I follow on Pinterest…farmermomwife

  112. I have to write everything down – and if I miss an old goal -try and get it caught up.

    Following on pinterest — Connie Tillman

  113. I have a “goal board” where I list my goals (in order of importance), and for ongoing goals, I just never erase them.

  114. I follow on Pinterest, nightngale49

  115. I like to write down my goals so then I have them, remember them, and keep myself accountable.

  116. I keep a list of all of my long term goals and I check the list often.

  117. I think accountability is important. I always tell my close friends about a goal if I know it will be tough to do! I also believe in journaling and celebrating completing small steps of that big goal.

  118. My trick for finishing old goals used to be but then it shut down :(. It was a website where you listed up to 43 goals and other people could have the same goals and you could track your progress and encourage each other.

  119. I am probably not the person to give advice on old goals, as my follow-thru is lacking. However, I assume what I need to do is get my booty off the couch and just do it 😉

  120. I make a weekly list of goals I want to accomplish and set up rewards for successfully reaching them.

  121. Pinterest

  122. I always accomplish my goals. I even tell family, “Get’er Done!”.

  123. My trick for accomplishing old goals is to make a list. It feels like a sense of accomplishment being able to check something off that list.

  124. I follow Art of Natural Living on Pinterest

  125. My trick for accomplishing old goals is to tell myself each day that I want to get it done and to spend a little time each day to achieve those goals.

  126. I do follow on Pinterest as dipsy38

  127. I try never to have ‘old goals’ because I try to get to everything on my to-do list done within the week. And anything on the list that doesn’t get done, gets put at the top of the next week’s list.

  128. I follow you on pinterest! (amweeks00)

  129. My tips for accomplishing old goals are : make sure the goal is reasonable, break the goal into tiny mini steps that can be fairly easily met, and keep honest records to track your success. Good luck!

  130. I also follow you via Pinterest.

  131. My tip is lists, and more lists.

  132. My tip is to write down a task each day that moves you closer to your goal.

  133. I follow on Pinterest.

  134. I accomplish old goals by making a to do list.

  135. I follow you on pinterest as blackbearpie

  136. I accomplish old goals rarely, but when I do, it’s because I’ve made a game out of it. Like I earn points, and after X amount of points I level up and get to get a reward!

  137. If you have a goal, give up something for lent that helps you accomplish it (like staying off the computer during certain times of day).

  138. What I did to help me accomplish some old goals is I posted inspiration throughout my house. For my weight loss goal, I posted pictures of myself and my goal weight from years ago and pictures of my self currently.
    Also, LISTS always help me!

  139. Following on Pinterest! amyiowa17

  140. No tricks really, just keeping things on my radar so I don’t forget.

  141. My tip for getting going on old goals is to write them down, break into smaller steps, and DO something.

  142. My trick for accomplishing any goal is just to take the first step. The first step is always the most difficult.

  143. For old goals, I tell my friends so I have accountability.

  144. Pinterest follower ladydanaj

  145. I keep my goals in a little tin kind of like a prayer box but more of a goals box.

  146. Follow you via Pinterest as Sherri Sav.

  147. For my old goals I write them down. Then every year I try to check off itleast one of them. I also try to be realistic and set goals that are attainable for the part of my life that i’m in.

  148. post pictures on the fridge of what the goal means to you…you will see them every day

  149. follow on pinterest Amy Linderman

  150. My tip for accomplishing old goals. Keep a list and NEVER remove the old goals from it until completed. Make a point of working on it as a project periodically, say each weekend or once/twice per month until you get there.

  151. I follow on Pinterest @4orangecrush

  152. I usually set up small goals to then reach my main goal

  153. I followed on pinterest @lildevilgirl24

  154. I make list and try to follow them. Sometimes my husband has to hold me accountable though. Thanks!

  155. I make lists of what I want to accomplish…then re-visit them once a month to see what has been done.

  156. I have a list of tasks and goals on my desk calendar. Each day I look at it and try to accomplish at least one of them.

  157. following on pinterest as maggiep48

  158. ive been followin on pinterest for a while now!

  159. i keep an online to do list so i at least can see when i dont meet my goals, they go over to the next…

  160. I have a basic set of goals. Get married thid year to my fiancé. Buy a house by the end of the year. And move up as fast as possible in my career. I just had a newborn baby and she drives me every day to stay on track! I want the best life possible for her and it keeps me going!

  161. I follow you on pinterest!


  162. I don’t really know any tricks for accomplishing old goals

  163. I follow the art of natural living on pinterest–

  164. I have to make a list of what I hope to accomplish and write it on my calendar or pin it on Pinterest. I am very visual. If I don’t “see” my goal, I won’t remember to do my goal!

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