Stalking the Wild Christmas Tree

It might never have become a tradition.

When my husband and I were first married, we decided to cut our own tree.  What better way to start our new life together!

With nothing available near town, we took the afternoon off and drove about an hour outside the city to the most enormous tree farm I could imagine.  Cold and snow added to the ambiance as we set out over the many (many) hills in search of the very best tree.

Hours later, our toes were numb and fingers white.  We hadn’t expected two hours of hunting in addition to two hours of travel, but we had a big beautiful tree. We dragged it back down over many (many) hills and slid it into our hatchback.  And the hatch wouldn’t close.

The attendant was undaunted, “Happens all the time.  We keep lots of rope.”  Soon the hatch was tied down and we set out on the hour trek home.  All the way back the wind whistled through the car.  The heater didn’t have a chance.  Our fingers turned even paler.

And a tradition ended before it began.

Until last year.

Hosting the extended family party (approx 55 people), I decided we needed a great tree and coming up short (literally) in the usual spots, we ventured to a newly discovered cut your own.  The result: great tree, reasonable price, and buying from a local small business.  New tradition–hooray!

Here is how it went this year…

Better than a Marquee

Trees Everywhere

Does It Measure Up?

Cutting the Tree

Does It Fit?

Hooray for Minivans!

Do you have a favorite holiday tradition–new or old?

8 thoughts on “Stalking the Wild Christmas Tree

  1. Terese Kaskubar Block

    Hi Inger,
    congratulations on winning the “Thanks for the Sandwich” contest. It was great to see your picture in the paper.
    I’m Terese Kaskubar Block from Racine. My sister Cathy and I played with you when we all lived on Kingston Avenue. It was a very sad day when you moved to Thiensville!
    I still have pictures from those days.
    Have a blessed Christmas!

  2. yummychunklet

    I would’ve loved having a real tree, but alas, the building didn’t offer that option this year. So I broke down and put up my plastic one. Congrats on the contest!

    1. Inger Wilkerson

      I bought a small artificial tree in high school so that I could decorate my bedroom. Now my daughter is using it in hers. The tree even made it into a school play once–an artificial tree can truly lead a full life!

  3. Tammy

    I wish I was better at tradition! I do like to start December with an evening of finger food, holiday music and making wrapping paper.

  4. OysterCulture

    I used to love to get a tree, but have not been able to the last few years, but oh the smell of a lovely pine tree. A tradition for us is for my husband and I to have a gift wrapping party just the two of us with wine and nibbles.

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