Healthy Eating Tip: Avoid the Dirty Dozen

EWG "Dirty Dozen" Refrigerator Magnet

EWG “Dirty Dozen” Refrigerator Magnet

Many people would like to eat more organically. 

Unfortunately, like most good things, it is easier said than done.  First there is the learning curve, followed by the finance curve, then the habit curve and well… it can just seem daunting. 

Here is an easy tip that can help you get a lot of bang for your buck, from both an effort and financial perspective.  Avoid the dirty dozen.

The Environmental Working Group conducts regular research on the pesticide residues in common fruits and vegetables.  They publish their results online with special emphasis on the “dirty dozen” (the 12 worst offenders) and the “clean 15” (those with the best record).  They even have a convenient download list and an iphone app online!

When I am dining out, broke or exhausted, I make choices based on the EWG lists.  I eat pineapple rather than apple slices at the neighbor’s cookout.  I buy conventional onions in the supermarket and organic peaches at the health food store.  I select a side of sweet potato fries rather than the baked potato.

The list changes regularly, so take a new look periodically.   And note that it is generally considered better to eat a conventional fruit or veggie—even on the dirty dozen list—than no fruit/veggie at all.

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