Surviving a Kitchen Remodeling: Functional Again (Week 8)!

I would love to say that our kitchen is “done” rather than “functional” but we still have some work to go.  Remaining is some drywall work on the walls without cabinets, moldings (same walls, a window and a doorway) and the backsplash tiling.  Still we are able to get in and use it, which is a great victory!

We thought we’d be “more in” over the weekend, but hit a couple of electrical issues.  First the garbage disposal circuit didn’t work.  We got around this by plugging it in to the dishwasher outlet whenever we needed to turn it on.  It was definitely worth the effort to have a working sink!  Then the stove outlet turned out to be the wrong style and our stove wouldn’t push in against the wall.  It still worked, but blocked the cabinet that was designated for pots and pans.  So these sat in boxes in the dining room.  The electrician came in on Tuesday to remedy everything so that is done.

John is working on the drywall this weekend and the tiler is confirmed for Wednesday, so we are keeping the pace.  I have scheduled lunch with some friends in August so the pressure is on.

We spent the bulk of last weekend moving things back into the kitchen.  We also changed the refrigerator gasket—we had noticed it was actually shredded in places during our first round of moves (the doors need to come off to get it in and out of the kitchen).  Perhaps our electric bills will go down??

I have decided that with more cabinets I want to get everything stored somewhere in the kitchen—no more cookie tins in the basement.  This means that I have been looking for new owners for some of my lesser used items.  I am dumping a few things that I have never ever used and I few things I no longer use.  Hopefully they find a home where they are valued.  If this keeps some new items from being produced, that will be an unintended “green” benefit of the remodeling.

Here is what it looks like today:

Kitchen View 1

Kitchen View 1

Kitchen View 2

Kitchen View 2

Unfinished kitchen wall

Still Working…

And finally, the wrap-up!  Kitchen Remodel Final (except for lessons learned)

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