Holiday Eggnog Martini

I have been waiting to make an Eggnog Martini for almost a year.  I saw the recipe late last winter and had to wait until eggnog was “in season” again.  Gee–seasonal eating can be tough.

Eggnog Martini

Eggnog Martini

When the eggnog arrived this year, I was excited.  But I figured I should wait until I can use it to celebrate something–maybe finishing some holiday prep?  An eggnog martini could be a powerful motivator.

The first candidate was finishing the holiday decorating.  Alas, there are speaker wires draped across the living room floor as my husband prepares to run them through the basement and up the walls.  It will be a big improvement–but it means I can’t count the house as done just yet!

Martini by CHristmas Tree

Celebrate Decorating??

Then I thought I might finish my gift shopping.  But one of my teens told me NEVER (as in “euuuwww, I can’t imagine what you might pick out”) buy anything  without her approval.  So that is on hold.

Even the snow is late.  We recently surpassed the record for most days without snow in Southeast Wisconsin.

But wait.  If I make this, I can finish a blog post.  That would be an accomplishment.

Happy holidays!

Eggnog Martini

Eggnog Martini

Holiday Eggnog Martini


  • 2 1/2 oz eggnog
  • 1 oz vanilla vodka
  • 1/2 oz frangelico
  • 1/2 oz white crème de cacao
  • ice


Combine eggnog and liquor in shaker.  Add ice, shake, then strain into a martini glass.  Garnish with sprinkled nutmeg or a sprig of mint or rosemary.



The original recipe used amaretto which I am not a fan of, so I substituted Frangelico.  Then it tasted too much like hazelnuts so I cut back on that and added a little white Crème de Cacao!  Success!

Testing martinis and watching the snow– a perfect winter afternoon!

First Snow

First Snow


12 thoughts on “Holiday Eggnog Martini

  1. Karis' Kitchen

    What a festive glass! Where did you buy it? I’d love to get a set.

    I’m thankful I was able to leave work early today. I only find snow enjoyable when I don’t have to be on the road. I also took snow photos today 🙂

    1. Inger Wilkerson

      Glad you got out early! My husband just called and said he’s going about 10 mph.

      The glass was from Crate & Barrel a number of years ago. I did get some cute glasses from them this year too (though not holiday themed).

  2. Edible Celebrations (@lavesta)

    Hi Inger!

    You’re a whole lotta more patient than I, I’m not sure I could have waited so patiently:) It looks like you’ve found quite a few moments to toast too. If you don’t mind, I’d like to add another:) I’m in Idaho visiting with the grandkids “as we speak” Here’s to family and friends and a glorious holiday season to you and yours!!! Have a Merry!!!

    1. Inger Wilkerson

      So good to hear from you Louise! Wondering if you have snow in Idaho… Lovely in any case to have a long holiday visit! Looking forward to my college daughter getting home in a couple days, after Christmas without her last year. Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season for all of you as well!

  3. grace

    i love those images! the shot of the drink with your tree in the background is particularly lovely. great drink, too! white creme de cacao sounds yummy… 🙂

    1. Inger Wilkerson

      Thanks Grace! I looked hard for the Christmas confetti to do the “formal” shots. It was fun experimenting–with both the shots and the mix 😉 .

  4. Beth

    What a lovely photo! And the glass for your eggnog martini is so festive. I have recipes I’ve held onto since last Christmas too.

    1. Inger Wilkerson

      Thanks Beth! And you know I think that’s one of the nice things about blogging. If you hang onto a recipe for the next year, it doesn’t feel like procrastination, it feels like planning!

  5. Kathy

    Your photos are lovely and the eggnog martini sounds wonderfully comforting! Hope your Christmas was Merry, Inger! And wishing you a marvelous New Year!

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