Pie Collection (for Pi Day or Anytime)

Here is a Pie Collection of 10 fun and unique pies that will rock your Pi Day, Thanksgiving, Easter or holiday brunch!

PI(e) Collection

My family is big on pie! Every Thanksgiving, I bake 6-8 pies in different flavors to feed over 20 people.  With leftovers, of course!  But this means that I’ve perfected LOTS of pie recipes. 

So I feel ready for anything and thought I’d share a Pie Collection of my favorites for Pi Day–or anytime!


1. French Pear Tart

My most popular recipe, this pie can be made with regular pantry items (if you have pears) in 10-15 minutes working time.  An excellent beginner pie, sub your own favorite crust if you prefer, but don’t touch the filling!

pear tart
French Pear Tart
With a simple topping that melts into a beautiful glaze & a press-in crust, this French Pear Tart is a quick, easy & tasty dessert. Vegan option.
Get the recipe here!


2. Key Lemon Pie

I think that if sunshine wanted a pie it would be this key lemon pie. Sure key lime is nice, but after a long winter who could use the biggest blast of yellow EVER!

Key lemon pie
Key Lemon Pie
Sunny yellow-gold, sweet and tart,this key lemon pie is super easy and tasty. A classic dessert or snack based on key lime pie!
Get the recipe here!


3. Strawberry Whipped Cream Pie

My husband calls this Strawberry Silk Pie because it’s as smooth and delicious as chocolate French Silk Pie–just fruity! A no-bake pie that can be make with a commercial graham crust, it’s a family classic!

Strawberry WHipped Cream Pie
Strawberry Whipped Cream Pie
Filled with whipped cream and pureed strawberries, Strawberry Whipped Cream Pie is fresh and light and the perfect simple summer dessert.
Get the recipe here!


4. Plum Frangipane Tart

I don’t like almond flavor and thought I wouldn’t like Frangipane.  Nu-uh.  With real ground almonds (not paste or extract) and vanilla, this is creamy and amazing!

Plum Frangipane Tart
With ripe plums and rich almond cream atop a flaky crust, plum frangipane tart is a beautiful dessert that’s super easy to make! 
Get the recipe here!


5. Key Lime Yogurt PIe

Need more calcium?  Get it here and I’ll bet it tastes even better than your favorite yogurt!

Key Lime Yogurt Pie
Key Lime Yogurt Pie adds probiotics to a tasty summer dessert that is no-bake!
Get the recipe here!


6. Pear Custard Pie

This was a huge hit at Christmas Eve this year.  Just blend up custard in the blender and pour over pear slices.  There’s no crust, so it’s light and as easy as it is delightful!

Pear CUstard Pie
Pear Custard Pie
Sweet pears in an eggy vanilla custard, Pear Custard Pie is a quick and tasty recipe that is perfect for a holiday brunch or light dessert.


7. Ritz (Cracker) Pie

This is an old classic full of nut and meringue flavor that I decided I had to find after loving it as a child.  Guess I’m not the only one, since it’s one of my most popular pies! 

Ritz Pie
Ritz Pie
With a crunchy, nutty filling in light sweet meringue, this old fashioned Ritz Pie is an easy, tasty dessert that’s perfect for the holidays! 
Get the recipe here!


8. Key Lime (Meringue) Tartlets

 Do you love mini-desserts?  This has all the regular key lime flavor with an (optional) meringue topping and is super easy if you use the ready-made mini graham crusts.  A runner up in an Instructables pIe contest!

Key Lime Meringue Pie
Key Lime Meringue Pie is a special treat that is deceptively easy to make and perfect Pi Day or any time.  I even serve it Thanksgiving!
Get the recipe here!


9. Betty Crocker French Apple Pie

My mother always made this so I’ve eaten it for bleep years!  The streusel topping adds so much flavor and makes this another great beginner pie.  And I have a secret to make it even easier (the only thing I’d change). Thanks Betty Crocker!

Betty Crocker French Apple Pie
A classic holiday pie, the Original Betty Crocker French Apple Pie is too good to update. Except for one quick efficiency tip.
Get the recipe here!


10. Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble Pie

Who can’t wait until the local rhubarb pops it’s head up in the spring?  Paired with strawberries, the filling is sweet and tart and a perfect foil for the crunchy streusel topping. 

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble Pie
Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble Pie
Sweet, tart and fruity, with a rich crumble topping, Strawberry Rhubarb Pie is a tasty dessert that welcomes the growing season.
Get the recipe here!

Happy Pie Day!

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