Salmon Mousse on Cucumber Slices

Tasty and cute. Easy.  Healthy even. Can’t beat that in an appetizer.  Like this Salmon Mousse on Cucumber Slices.  

Salmon Mousse on Cucumber Slices

Salmon Mousse on Cucumber Slices

Omega-3 fats, like those found in oily fish like tuna and salmon, are all over the news today.  Consume twice weekly and your heart, joints, you-name-it, will thank you.  

Salmon Mousse on Cucumber Slices, served

Salmon Mousse on Cucumber Slices, served

But that two servings a week is easier said than done.  So I decided I needed to ramp up my health with an appetizer!

When I first planned this, I figured I was going to need to use gelatin.  As in a real mousse needs a proper thickener.  

Mix Mousse for Salmon Mousse on Cucumber Slices

Mix mousse for Salmon Mousse on Cucumber Slices

But I had a super easy salmon spread recipe that I thought I could adapt—and I was in a hurry. I tossed the mousse ingredients in the food processor and turned it on.  It came out perfect.  Easy peasy. 

I guess a proper mousse will have to wait. 

Slice cucumbers for Salmon Mousse on Cucumber Slices

Slice cucumbers for Salmon Mousse on Cucumber Slices

Rather than serve with crackers, I piped the mousse onto cucumber slices–not for any health reasons but because I am near drowning in them.  (I think they are multiplying in the refrigerator…) But cucumbers ARE a healthy alternative–and for sure, my gluten free book club will be seeing these soon. 

Now if you are taking your Salmon Mousse on Cucumber Slices to a party, be sure to pack carefully (or assemble there).  When I brought it to a recent event, a number of my slices flipped over on the journey.  Which is decidedly less cute.  And let my husband accuse me of taking curves too fast.   mousse-cukes-sq

And a final word of warning: this recipe makes a lot.  As in consider cutting it in half if you aren’t feeding an army.  Or better yet, make up the whole batch of mousse and save half for the football game (good on crackers too). 

Then you’ll really get your fish oil in!  

Salmon Mousse on Cucumber Slice up close

Salmon Mousse on Cucumber Slice up close

Salmon Mousse on Cucumber Slices
Prep time
Total time
Get your omega-3 on with an easy and tasty appetizer like this Salmon Mousse on Cucumber Slices. The mousse blends up super quick in a food processor.
  • 16 oz can salmon, skin and bones removed
  • 8 oz reduced fat cream cheese, softened
  • 1 t horseradish (or a bit more to taste)
  • 1T dried minced onion
  • 1 T lemon juice
  • ½ t salt
  • 3 T fresh dill or 1 T dried dill
For serving
  • a couple large (or many small) cucumbers
  • optional: small red sweet pepper, cut into small pieces, and/or herb sprigs for garnish
  1. To prepare mousse, place mousse ingredients in food processor and blend until smooth. Spoon into piping bag and refrigerate.
  2. Cut cucumber slices to about ⅜ inch thicknesses (a mandolin works great for this). Prep any garnish you have decided to use.
  3. To assemble, pipe a scant tablespoon of mousse onto a cucumber slice using a large star tip (like the Wilton 1M tip). Top with garnish if desired.



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6 thoughts on “Salmon Mousse on Cucumber Slices

  1. Patsy Goodman

    You’re so fun and cute! I chuckled reading your recipe for salmon mousse. So I am now beginning to make it as one of the many fun hors d’oeuvres for my 80th birthday party! My husband asked me what I wanted to do for my 85th. I told him…CATERED,

    1. Inger Post author

      Happy birthday Patsy! I recall saying something similar after I pulled together a Mother’s Day brunch for like 30 people! I’m sure everyone will appreciate your homemade treats. Have a wonderful day!

  2. David

    Beyond cute – beautiful and elegant! Football game? Not sure. Maybe to nibble while listening to the Metropolitan Opera broadcast on Saturdays…

    1. Inger Post author

      In truth, for the game, we served the leftover mouse, right from the fridge in the storage bowl–with crackers on the side. Yup, no crying in baseball, no piping in football 😉

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