The Complete Guide to Natural Homemade Beauty Products & Treatments

Apr 3, 2016

Homemade Beauty Products Book Review & Giveaway

Winter skin. Sigh… Now I wouldn’t exactly say I repress skin issues in winter, but honestly, I have barely looked at my legs in months.  Gotta love pants and dark stockings.  Of course, when the first warm days arrive (now!), it’s another story.   So I was delighted to receive a copy of The Complete Guide to Natural Homemade Beauty Products … Continue reading

Serenity Acres Artisan Soaps

Dec 2, 2015

Serenity Acres Farmstead Soap Giveaway

Today many people are looking for a connection to the farm–perhaps by joining a CSA or visiting a farmer’s market.  Isn’t it heartwarming to think about the natural origins of… your lettuce, for example–and the care people took producing it?  In cheese-making, you can even buy farmstead cheese. Here a cheese-maker produces their own milk, then turns it into cheese … Continue reading

Soap Nuts, Organic Even!

Nov 13, 2015

Soap Nuts & Wool Dryer Ball Giveaway

As I typed the words “Soap Nuts” I had to chuckle.  ‘Cause it really sounded like people who are “crazy about soap” and, well… isn’t it a little odd to be nuts about soap?  Crazy about cheese maybe… chocolate for sure, but soap?  In truth, however, I am a bit crazy about soap: scented & silky handmade bars for bathing … Continue reading

Tips for Green Holiday Parties: Water Pitcher

Nov 6, 2015

10 Tips for Green Holiday Parties

Right now, as much as I love the holidays, it’s hard to think that far ahead. Autumn temperatures have been summer-warm–beyond any fall lover’s fantasy.  On these blissful, balmy afternoons, I am picking raspberries, cutting roses.  Yes, way up north in Wisconsin.  If things were more seasonal… frost tipping our still-green grasses… or dreary nights mixing rain with snow, I … Continue reading

Plum Deluxe organic tea on desk

Oct 22, 2015

Organic Tea… and Moments that Matter

You know those days when life feels one step forward and two steps back?  Well my life has been a lot like that lately.  But I think we just knocked off a potential back-step–which had come via my daughter’s college.  I recently got a college care package solicitation—send your beloved son or daughter something to soften the adjustment/show them you … Continue reading

A pruner can help in harvesting wild grapes

Oct 16, 2015

Stalking the Wild Grape

Found food. As in food you find–right out in nature.  Organic. Healthy. Free even. How good is that? When my daughter announced she had found a large patch of wild grapes, right along the bike path, I was excited.  You see, I had discovered the pleasure of wild grapes a few years ago.  Small and tart, wild grapes are great … Continue reading

The Toxin-Free Home

Oct 2, 2015

The Toxin-Free Home: Review & Giveaway

Recently I was invited to do a book review of  The Toxin-Free Home: A Guide to Maintaining a Clean, Eco-Friendly, and Healthy Home by author Alison Haynes.  In accepting this, I  had high hopes that it would fill a niche in my life.  You see, out of fear of using toxic products, I clean less than I would like to.  … Continue reading

Remedy Fine Line Eraser

Sep 3, 2015

Natural Bodycare Giveaway: Shampoo, Scrub, Fine Line Eraser

It’s time for your quarterly bodycare lecture!  Most of us (hooray) are doing a pretty good job with the food we put in our bodies. Pat yourself on the back! But what about the products you put on you body–things like soaps, lotions, cosmetics?  “What goes on you, goes in you,” they say.  Today, I am hosting a Natural Bodycare … Continue reading

Good Earth Beauty Giveaway

Jun 16, 2015

Summer Natural Beauty & Giveaway

It’s that time of year again. Time for the early summer consciousness raising about, well… all that stuff that goes onto your skin—sunscreen, lotion, soap and so on. Did you know that the average the average adult uses nine personal care products daily & teenage girls use even more?  I know summer is an especially big time for me!  If … Continue reading