Sep 3, 2015
by Inger

Natural Bodycare Giveaway: Shampoo, Scrub, Fine Line Eraser

It’s time for your quarterly bodycare lecture!  Most of us (hooray) are doing a pretty good job with the food we put in our bodies. Pat yourself on the back!

But what about the products you put on you body–things like soaps, lotions, cosmetics?  “What goes on you, goes in you,” they say.  Today, I am hosting a Natural Bodycare Giveaway for a Shampoo, Scrub & Fine Line Eraser from a natural product company called Remedy.  Because isn’t a lecture better with a prize at the end?

Remedy Shampoo, Scrub, Fine Line Eraser Giveaway

Natural Bodycare Giveaway

While soaps and cosmetics may seem pretty safe, they can contain chemicals you might not want to put on your body.  Things like lead in lipstick, triclosan in toothpaste, phthalates in… well, anything synthetically scented.  And did you know the term “organic” isn’t regulated for bodycare products so you can’t count on that to help you out.  Continue Reading →

Aug 30, 2015
by Inger

Skinny Harvest Dip (aka Skinny Beach Dip)

Gotta love book club.  There’s the camaraderie. The reading.  The great food.  Recently one of our hostesses served Skinny Beach Dip—doesn’t that sound perfect for the last days of shorts season!  Loaded with sweet corn, bell and jalapeno peppers, then dressed with light cream cheese and nonfat yogurt, I would have called it Skinny Harvest Dip.  Perfect for CSA members and local eaters!  

Skinny Harvest Dip

Skinny Harvest Dip

The dip has a delicious combination of contrasting flavors–sweet from the corn and spicy from the jalapenos.  It should have a little heat–enough to notice but not so hot that your husband/grandmother/favorite hot food wimp won’t eat it.  Although the recipe calls for two jalapeno peppers, I recommend tasting first since the heat will vary.   Continue Reading →

Aug 20, 2015
by Inger

Sugar-Kissed Vanilla Berry Cake

Autumn is coming…   Nooooooo!  But berries, harbingers of summer, are still abundant in woodlands, farms and supermarkets.  After waiting so long for real summer (it feels like YEARS!), I can’t even think about giving it up.  So I’m making a Vanilla Berry Cake.  

Vanilla Berry Cake, Served

Vanilla Berry Cake, Served

The original recipe came from the blog 101 Cookbooks.  Prepared with raspberries and whole wheat pastry flour, it looked like a great way to serve up a healthier dessert!  Who doesn’t love indulging without guilt!   Continue Reading →