May 3, 2015
by Inger

Salmon Spread Appetizer

Years of food blogging can start to becomd a challenge—you eventually use up all of your tried-and-true recipes. But somehow my recipe for this delicious and easy salmon spread appetizer escaped. I have made and shared it many times over the years, so it’s about time I shared it here! 

Salmon Spread Appetizer with Crackers

Salmon Spread Appetizer with Crackers

Appetizers are often the bad boys of healthy eating but it doesn’t have to be that way. Not all recipes are filled with fatty ingredients and served with chips! This salmon spread appetizer is loaded with healthy, omega-3 rich, salmon (canned so it is convenient and economical) and has nothing worse on the fat scale than lite cream cheese. Serve it with whole grain crackers and you can put away the guilt. And it can be easily converted to gluten free by using gluten free crackers.   Continue Reading →

Apr 22, 2015
by Inger

How to Propagate Fuchsias (and Overwinter Them)

Recently I had one of those “could have had a V8 moments.” I realized I could keep my fuchsia plants alive over the winter, and propagate fuchsias from cuttings to grow more in the spring.  Although winter may cause the plants to go a bit dormant and lose the beautiful profusion of flowers, they’ll come back in the spring!

Fuchsia from anaxila via Flickr

Fuchsia from photographer “anaxila” via Flickr

It all started with a hanging fuchsia fetish—and a bit of a tragedy. You see every year, I buy at least one hanging plant to spruce up my garage. Generally all is well, but two summers ago, my vacation plant waterer completely missed my fuchsia. By the time I got home, it was a mass of dried sticks. Sadly I set it aside, since it was too late to replace.   Continue Reading →

Apr 19, 2015
by Inger

Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Quinoa Blondies

I saw a picture of these Chocolate Chip Quinoa Blondies in an Eating Well Magazine. And, I must admit, their picture looked even better than mine. Not that I didn’t wouldn’t gobble mine down in a heartbeat mind you. 

Chocolate Chip Quinoa Blondies

Chocolate Chip Quinoa Blondies

When our local market had no oysters for this afternoon’s planned recipe, these blondies just called out to me. What better way to spend a weekend afternoon than baking a sweet treat! And you know, one of my book club members is gluten intolerant so I almost had to try these. Nowadays having a gluten free recipe in your back pocket is practically a necessity.      Continue Reading →