Aug 12, 2014
by Inger

10 Minute Herbed Tilapia (or Any Whitefish)

Good, easy, food.  It can be the subject of awe and guilt–at the same time.  As in (she frowns to herself) “What do you mean you don’t have time for a complex dinner–you cooked from scratch when you worked full time.”  herbed-tilapia-plated
This recipe for easy herbed tilapia is as tasty as a big complex dish–and it’s also healthy and efficient.   What if we rev up the awe and ramp down the guilt?   Continue Reading →

Aug 8, 2014
by Inger

My First Trip to New York City

It’s been a while since I last posted, but I think I have a good excuse.  I just took my first trip to New York City! 


Time Square at Night

My husband had a conference there so one of our daughters and I decided to tag along.  How much fun can you cram into 3 1/2 days? Continue Reading →