Feb 24, 2015
by Inger

Goodbye Ruby Smoothie

I discovered today’s smoothie in my new Coconut Cookbook. The recipe seemed perfect–simple and healthful–and it even used leftover local foods from last summer. But I did have one concern. There was no way I was going to call a fun drink like this, a Strawberry Beet Smoothie. Not even to myself. 

Strawberry Beet (shhh) Smoothie

Strawberry Beet (shhh) Smoothie

When I poured it out of the blender and noticed its brilliant red color, I had the answer–Ruby Smoothie.  Continue Reading →

Feb 19, 2015
by Inger

Beessential Natural Products Giveaway

It’s been a tough winter. Although we avoided the polar vortex of last year, watching Boston get buried (weekly) has made me feel like crawling under a pile of down comforters.

And my lips have been chapped. This. Entire. Winter. Okay, first world problems… But it sure made me feel better when I got a beautiful “care package” from Beesential. They are even letting me share a Beesential Natural Products Giveaway with you. Could you use a pick me up too? 

Beesential Giveaway

Beesential Giveaway

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Feb 17, 2015
by Inger

Chicken Divan Goes Local

Life is a balancing act. Sometime you cook a super healthy dinner from scratch using all local ingredients. Other times you open a couple cans of Cream of Chicken soup. Today I did the latter, but still made a dish that was tasty and healthy–and mostly local!  We ate Chicken Divan–chicken and broccoli (or green beans) covered in a creamy sauce.  

Chicken Divan out of oven

Chicken Divan out of oven

This dish is a perfect mid-winter meal, steamy and rich, when the snow blows outside. And surprisingly, a more “processed” ingredient like canned soup can help make use of local foods. I took out a bag of frozen (CSA) broccoli, then used leftovers from a roasted free range chicken raised by a local farmer. The recipe calls for 4 (regular store) chicken breasts, but the two breasts leftover from the prior night’s dinner was the perfect quantity (about 20 oz). Yup those free range chickens are meaty!  Continue Reading →

Feb 12, 2015
by Inger

Strawberry Meringue Cups Two Ways

I recently became obsessed with meringue. First, our book club had a holiday potluck where an incredibly delicious meringue dessert was served. Then daughter #2 left for a semester in Ireland– where I spent some of my own student days stuffing myself with cream meringues. Finally, Valentine’s Day is coming–doesn’t that cry out for Strawberry Meringue Cups?

Strawberry Meringue Cup

Strawberry Meringue Cup – Meringue & Strawberry Whipped Cream

The meringue cup part of this is based on a recipe from Ina Garten and was surprisingly easy. I first tried filling them with strawberry curd which was good but not quite right. Next, I made a simple topping of whipped cream mixed with strawberries which everyone loved.   Finally I did a version topped with Strawberry Greek yogurt–talk about making indulgence (reasonably) healthy. All that you need to finish is a garnish of fresh raspberries.  Continue Reading →