With white whole wheat flour & oatmeal, plus vitamins and antioxidants from sweet potatoes, Sweet Potato Bread is a nutritional powerhouse.

Apr 2, 2017

Healthy & Tasty Sweet Potato Bread

Spring is here–well,more or less!  Snowdrop flowers are popping up in my woodland garden, temperatures are veering into sweater weather—and I’m working on finishing up the remains of last summer’s vegetables!  Which is how I created a new Sweet Potato bread!   I was clearly in a bread rut, making the same loaves (honey whole wheat and rustic rye) over and over.  Time … Continue reading

Blender popovers bake while you prepare the rest of the meal and are easy, tasty and healthier with half while whole wheat flour!

Jan 5, 2017

Blender Popovers – Half White Whole Wheat!

Do you have a recipe or two that’s good in a pinch?  Maybe something that uses simple ingredients.  Or that that rounds out dinner (when you’re out of everything).  How about blender popovers?  Delicious, family pleasing—and (truly), a snap.  Now that I’ve made blender popovers a few times, I can share my techniques for success—and for healthier popovers.  My recipe … Continue reading

Pecan Pumpkin Scones

Nov 3, 2016

Pecan Pumpkin Scones

‘Tis the season for all things pumpkin.  And since one of my favorite anytime treats is scones, I decided to convert them to pecan pumpkin scones.  Are you intimidated by scones?  Well, trust me, there is no need to be.  I learned to make them from my daughter-who-doesn’t-cook, and I have never (EVER) produced a rock-scone. Sodden bread, yes, brittle … Continue reading

Chocolate Covered Cherry Muffins, served

Aug 6, 2016

Chocolate Covered Cherry Muffins

My doctor told me to eat dark chocolate.  Daily.  Like a prescription. Gotta love that in a doctor!  I guess that makes these chocolate covered cherry muffins just what the doctor ordered!  These muffins were inspired by the 20 lb. case of cherries I got recently. Along with some new chocolate chips I just found with a healthier 60% cacao. Doesn’t that seem … Continue reading

Cherry Maple Pecan Scones on Table

Jul 17, 2016

Cherry Maple Pecan Scones

Scones are one of my very favorite breakfasts.  Also a beloved snack with tea!  So when I got a (20 lb) case of fresh sweet cherries, I set my sights on making Cherry Maple Pecan Scones.  Now one of the big problems with scones is that many recipes are not exactly healthy.  They get their delicate crumb from a lot … Continue reading

Gingerbread scones, served

Nov 29, 2015

Whole Wheat Gingerbread Scones

I love mornings–especially during the holidays.  And waking up to a sparkling Christmas tree calls for a special breakfast.  Cocoa and coffee for warmth. Sizzling bacon or sausage.  A tray of sweets for flannel-clad kids (or flannel clad Moms…). Today it holds gingerbread scones.   I used to be terribly intimidated by scones.  And for no good reason.  They have a … Continue reading

Scandinavian Apple Cake, Served

May 17, 2015

Scandinavian Apple Cake

Can you think of a better excuse for (multiple) desserts than a holiday brunch? I can’t. But after making (somewhat indulgent) mini mocha cheesecakes for Mother’s Day, I decided I should do something a little healthier too. So I made a Scandinavian Apple Cake.  Even though apple season is over, I have a tub of frozen, sliced apples in my … Continue reading

Vanilla Plum Muffin, served

Apr 12, 2015

Vanilla Plum Muffins

Can I blame Martha Stewart for my diet failures? After all it was her PBS show that got me thinking about plum muffins. In the end I converted her recipe to something a bit healthier–less sugar, less fat, all whole wheat (pastry) flour—and still tasty enough to make twice in a row. So I guess I can’t complain after all. … Continue reading

spiced peach bread mini-loaf

Dec 27, 2014

Spiced Peach Bread

Did you spend this Christmas season as behind as I did?  Between everyone getting sick (some of us twice!), recipe failures, a big pre-Christmas party, and my daughter’s long run of Miracle on 34th Street, I’m glad that I had at least one new recipe–Spiced Peach Bread–already ready to debut.  Every year our family Christmas Eve dinner includes a basket … Continue reading

Nov 29, 2014

Cranberry Swirl Muffins (or Jam Swirl, or…)

Thanksgiving and the harvest season have just passed–which means that most American refrigerators and cupboards are full.  Do you have an abundance of leftover cranberry sauce?  A bonanza of canned jam?  Well these Cranberry Swirl Muffins (or Peach Jam Muffins or…) may be just what you need.  The origin of this recipe really began a few years ago, when I … Continue reading