Sugar Plum Martini

Dec 22, 2016

Sugar Plum Martini

It’s the Christmas season—what can I say?   Part of me wanted to create a whole suite of Nutcracker themed martinis!  But in the end, I went with just one, a  Sugar Plum Martini, sans fairy even.   All of this took me back to a very distant memory–of real, actual, sugar plums.  One long-ago Christmas, my father brought home an expensive … Continue reading

Bite of Southwest Pumpkin Black Bean Soup

Nov 20, 2016

Southwest Pumpkin Black Bean Soup

I love pumpkin soups.  But after a while they start to look the same.  Pumpkin with curry, pumpkin with coconut, pumpkin with curry and coconut…  Why not one with a Southwest flair? Pumpkin Black Bean Soup?  Since I started taking some classes this fall, I am trying to cook… compactly.  That is, can I make a dish that is simple, … Continue reading

Pecan Pumpkin Scones

Nov 3, 2016

Pecan Pumpkin Scones

‘Tis the season for all things pumpkin.  And since one of my favorite anytime treats is scones, I decided to convert them to pecan pumpkin scones.  Are you intimidated by scones?  Well, trust me, there is no need to be.  I learned to make them from my daughter-who-doesn’t-cook, and I have never (EVER) produced a rock-scone. Sodden bread, yes, brittle … Continue reading

Fall Colors Raspberry Salad Closeup

Sep 28, 2016

Fall Colors Raspberry Salad & a Giveaway

The fall leaves are turning late this year.  No problem—they will change when they are ready, in a bright profusion.  And while we wait, how about some great color in this Fall Colors Raspberry Salad? This recipe was inspired by a delicious organic raspberry lime salad dressing I just got from Litehouse foods. I love raspberries, but usually find raspberry … Continue reading

Serving Apple Dutch Baby Pancake

Sep 8, 2016

Apple Dutch Baby Pancake

The last hurrahs of summer are upon us.  With still-warm days, and hints of color, early September can be extraordinary, blending summer’s welcome with the flavor of fall.   And if you happen to need an out-of-the-ordinary summer into fall breakfast, this Apple Dutch Baby Pancake may be just the ticket.  A Dutch Baby Pancake, also known as a German Pancake, … Continue reading

Roasted Tomato Red Pepper Soup

Aug 28, 2016

Roasted Tomato Red Pepper Soup

  Shhh, fall is coming.  In some ways, the transition to fall is subtle.  An orange leaf here, a cool night there.  In other ways, it may be sudden.  Bam—the peppers (or orange squash) are here!  This week’s CSA box was graced with ripe peppers and tomatoes.  So it was time to revive my Roasted Tomato Red Pepper Soup! 

Grilled Vegetable, Bread & Tomato Salad (Panzanella) from above

Aug 11, 2016

Grilled Vegetable, Bread & Tomato Salad (Panzanella)

Back in the day, serving bread on salads was big.  Of course, that bread was typically chopped, seasoned, and rebranded as croutons.  But the concept was legit—bread in salads is delicious! This time, it’s served up torn and marinated in a Grilled Vegetable, Bread & Tomato Salad, or Panzanella.   Wikipedia describes Panzanella as “a Tuscan salad of bread and tomatoes … Continue reading

Chocolate Covered Cherry Muffins, served

Aug 6, 2016

Chocolate Covered Cherry Muffins

My doctor told me to eat dark chocolate.  Daily.  Like a prescription. Gotta love that in a doctor!  I guess that makes these chocolate covered cherry muffins just what the doctor ordered!  These muffins were inspired by the 20 lb. case of cherries I got recently. Along with some new chocolate chips I just found with a healthier 60% cacao. Doesn’t that seem … Continue reading

Cherries in red wine over ice cream

Aug 2, 2016

Cherries in Red Wine

I just got back from a great event—the American Cheese Society conference, in Des Moines, IA.  In addition to lots of great cheese, there was fine charcuterie and other specialty foods like jams and honeys. I was afraid to step on the scale when I returned! Now it goes without saying that cheese was the star! But the fancy canned … Continue reading

Cajun Zucchini Fritters

Jul 24, 2016

Cajun Zucchini Fritters

Have you heard the joke about zucchini?  Something like… in the city you need to lock your car doors to keep people from stealing your car.  In the country, you need to lock your car to keep people from leaving zucchini on your back seat.  Ba dum bum. Yup that’s pretty much where I was until I created this recipe … Continue reading